Hello friends and internet people!

I am making this video and post to inform you all of a change to the formatting of my creative career, one that will be coming into effect at the end of May. So, first the bad news, and then the good news.

By the end of May, my Patreon campaign will be ending, and Gamer Roommates will officially be bereft of an update schedule. It may seem like a crazy thing to do, but in the seven months that the campaign has been running I honestly believe that I have never once lived up to the incredible support put forth by the patrons. There was almost never any extra content, I only streamed games a handful of times, and the early comics often only barely squeaked by to achieve that definition. I simply cannot express how much the patrons support has helped to change my creative career and my life in general, so much so that I will make be making a point of it to hunt each one of them down and thank them in person, but regardless of their incredible good faith, I never once lived up to the expectations. Now, more changes are coming in my personal and professional life at this time, and with them, I can be absolutely sure that even updating Gamer Roommates twice a week will be a brutal strain which will surely affecting the finish of the product. The only way to avoid a sad, lingering death of quality, is to cut loose and try something new.

Now, the good news: Gamer Roommates is not dead! The new update schedule has just become “whenever” and I will be creating new comics, on a comfortable time frame, once or twice a month or more, whenever I can make time. The other exciting benefit of being off-schedule with content creation is that I will be free to use that time that would have otherwise been spent reaching obligations and instead be able to do things like stream gaming once again, create art and pieces of writing entirely unrelated to any sort of requirement. It is simply impossible for me NOT to be creating stuff, so on your end, you’re likely to see more content than ever before, and in different ways. As well, I must be honest by admitting that I realized long ago that becoming a career cartoonist is not the path that I wish to take with my life. I am a writer, deep-down, and always have been. Comics were just my way of sharing that. In the very near future, I will be focusing all of my primary creative energies on creating more novels, further installments in the awesome Aversion Bureau series – people seem to like those – and a ton of other brand new book ideas that I know will be some of my best work ever.

One last bit of exciting good news, is that my day job has finally changed for the better. Now, besides the occasional gigs teaching and running youth writing programs, I will now be working with the Autism and Asperger’s Friendship Society of Calgary, a fulfilling career that will be taking up more of my time that could have been spent drawing, but inspires me constantly to keep writing alongside. It is a fantastic use of time.

I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that I can explore these new creative avenues and knowing that my fans and friends will stand behind those decisions no matter what. Thank you all for your support and your unbelievable levels of excitement for my work in the past, and let me assure you that nothing but more and better creations are coming sooner than you think. Thank you.